Djerba is an island located in southern Tunisia in the Gulf of Gabes. With its 92,270 inhabitants and 510 km ², is the headquarters of Souk Houmt. Djerba is a large palm grove and pleasant climate. Very touristy, is the island of Lotophages Odyssey. The name and the evocation of the island's southern Tunisia have become synonymous with vacation and relax. Djerba is an international leader. The range of opens multiple and varied activities (tennis, skiing, horseback riding to scuba diving, cultural festivals to discover the palm).

to see in the city:

The remains of El Kantara, some shops and a Christian basilica, the last remnants of the ancient town of Menin The Ghriba in Djerba is one of the oldest Jewish temples in the world and is every May, the place of pilgrimage of several thousand Jews from around the world.

The Borj el-Kabir, is a very old-Arab XV century, built during the reign of Abi Amir al-Hafsi Rates (in Hafsids dynasty), which was reinforced by the pirate Dragut and extended by the Spanish in the sixteenth century . The inside of the excavations have revealed the first fort dating from the thirteenth century. In one room, an exhibition of the discoveries made during excavations in the history of the fortress. A panoramic view of the walls to see the port and the Obelisk, 9 meters high, reminiscent of the location of Borj-er-Rous (the tower of skulls erected by the corsair Dragut).

The Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions is located in an old Zaouia built in the late eighteenth century in honor of the wise and Sidi Sidi Ameur Zitouni and offers a splendid collection of costumes of all ethnic groups, wedding dresses, ceramics, jewelry, wooden boxes ... Various craft workshops have been reconstituted in the Khydal Gubbt (the dome of ghosts), Sidi Zitouni was room for the mentally ill in order to heal.

Flamants Island is a peninsula north of the island that is worth it for its beauty, but tourism. It is best to go early in the morning.

Houmt Souk souks. Those in the center are covered in galleries and sells most of the fabrics, carpets and tourist items. All around specialist souks: Goldsmith Chaudronniers Souk blacksmiths and offering prices much more interesting than the souks of downtown.


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