With its marina and its monuments magniiques, Monastir is one of the traditional stages of the discovery of the country.
You can walk around the marina which is in Port El Kantaoui, but smaller. The nasty port offers many activities, including:
Relax on the terrace of a cafe
Make a trip to one of the many ships
Discover the undersea diving enthusiasts, or even for beginners (Diving Center information)
Monastir is also the birthplace of President Bourguiba, the place of burial, Mausole Bourguiba is a magnificent building it! Other interesting monuments to see are:
The built in 796 Ribat fortress overlooking the city's Great Mosque, built in the ninth century, was extended by Zirid the eleventh century. Bourguiba Mosque, religious building, a luxurious decoration peculiar to Tunis, but you can not see!
As in most cities in Tunisia, you can wander through the souks of the medina and buy many souvenirs, but do not forget to bargain! Finally, you can still swim and sunbathe, this coastal city of 35 550 inhabitants, offers beautiful beaches, although full in high season.


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