Taroudant (Arabic: تارودانت) is a city in southern Morocco in the Souss Plain, head of the province of the same name. In 2005, there were 63,000 residents.
The city is located 70 km east of Agadir and 250 km south-west of Marrakech, along the valley (or ASSIF) Souss.
City walls TaroudantTaroudant (or Taroudannt, [pronounced "Taroudannt"]) is in the Souss valley, surrounded by two mountain ranges, the High Atlas to the north and east, the Anti-Atlas south to the west, the plain opens onto the Atlantic. This fertile valley is crossed by the Souss wadi along the city. Taroudant province within its territory, the highest mountain in North Africa, Mount Toubkal, Jebel Toubkal in Arabic, Berber Adrar n 'Dern, 4.167m.
The name Berber Taroudant is enigmatic: some legends related to the Syrian princess who settled in the region, which bore the name of "Queen Roudani" other berbère explain the phrase "Tarou ddante"which means "The children were taken (water) that "a woman shouted Berber clothes in the river when the flood took away their children!


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