The place where the fierce battle was fought between English and German armies in October 1942, today houses a high-level marina, with its rings and many Venetian-style canals receiving Egyptians and tourists with their turquoise waters. However, history has not been forgotten, thanks to a museum and memorial in honor of the nearly 80 000 deaths from the war.

Through its 11 km. Beach, Marina is an exclusive complex reserved for the elite, where the villas and bungalows are hidden among the lush vegetation. The hotels-resorts offer a wide variety of water sports, entertainment and food types. Porto Marina was opened in summer 2005. Its canals and its luxury shops Marina have made one of the most cherished resorts Eastern Próximo.Las recent excavations carried out by the sea have uncovered an ancient Roman villa and Hellenistic cemetery.

Battle of 1942
In October 1942, desert warfare enjoyed one of their most famous and bloody battles. Around El Alamein, British troops from Montgomery, superior numbers and equipment, defeated the Afrika Korps of Rommel. In that battle was at stake is control of the road leading to Alexandria.

Memorials and cemeteries

The combatants in this battle are remembered in different places. The German cemetery, built in the style of a medieval fortress houses the remains of 4 200 soldiers. The Italian cemetery, on the other hand, is a mausoleum consists of a series of galleries. The Commonwealth cemetery, their graves are aligned, honors all military allies of the British (Greeks, Australians, South Africans).

military museum
The modest building has documents related to the battle of El Alamein and the North African battles.
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