How far is the time Hurghada was but a small fishing port and a modest yard, oblivious to the world and even the Egyptians themselves. Far ... but not so much, just a few years. In ten years, has become a town of 35,000 inhabitants and the most appreciated seaside resort in the country. His popularity is very high level between the Egyptians and among lovers of sun, sea and diving around the world. At least a hundred resorts, some more and some less luxurious, succeed for twenty miles along the coast. The center of the city, known as the ed-Dahar neighborhood has retained a traditional feel, with a small souk and some cheap hotels.

There are few coral reefs accessible by swimming from the coast, so it is best then give yourself a full day excursion at sea. There are many clubs that offer this service. One of the most popular destinations are the islands Giftun. These are very well preserved, since the drains and garbage are collected by specially equipped boats, and access to the islands is limited.
The great advantage of the Red Sea is that you can enjoy the beauty of the seabed with simple glasses, a pair of palms and a tube. Although of course, the show is even more wonderful with a bottle and a weight belt ...
Egyptian Tourist Authority


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