790 km. south of Cairo.
Since the opening of international airport in 2001, this small fishing village has become the new destination appreciated by lovers of diving in the Red Sea. Between the sea and desert, the resorts offer great comfort and activities up to this majestic setting.

The people
Marsa Alam is located at the intersection of the road from Edfu, to the west, and the route descends along the Red Sea coast. The village itself is a small fishing port where the bus station, some stores and restaurants.
For many years visitors have been inspired in camps Bedouin way of life, while benefiting from all the amenities and total respect for the environment (ecolodges). Today, luxury resorts spread over more than 80 km., From Port Galeb north to the National Park Gemal the south.
Galeb Marina
The opening of the marina in December 2005 marks the birth of a new tourist destination in a country in which they are not exactly rare. With capacity for up to 1000 boats, Port Galeb has the vocation to become the gateway for the fans and the first port of sailing from the Middle East. Its proximity to the airport has decided to numerous hotel chains to open stores that rival each other in oriental magnificence.
The dive sites accessible from Marsa Alam are among the most attractive of the Red Sea for experienced divers. Its main attractions are the conservation status of coral beds and the presence of a large pelagic fauna. Among the better known are Elphinestone Daedalus Reef and Reef. For less experienced divers, coastal coral reefs provide water for hours of contemplation.
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