Wericho the city of palm trees, is the oldest inhabited city on Earth, dating back almost 10,000 years. The excavations in the ruins of Tel Al Sultan in Jericho show settlements and 10,000 BC has an abundance of water sources and is believed to fresh spring water in Tel Al-Sultan is why the first inhabitance in Jericho. Its original name, Yereha (perfume), expressed his exuberance and preserved in its current Arabic name, Ariha.Because it is near the Dead Sea, which is over 400 meters below sea level, Jericho is kept warm throughout the year. Jesus walked the streets of Jericho during his several visits to the city. It's wonderful to travel area monasteries and historical sites for hikers, Jericho has nice scenic routes.One of the majestic sites in Jericho is the Monastery of St. George, excavated in the wall of a canyon overlooking the gorge of Wadi Qelt. This Greek Orthodox monastery was built in V century as a spiritual center of hermits.Another site is magnificent Palace of Hisham. This beautiful desert ruins of the Umayyad caliph Hisham Ibn Abdul Malik was completed in the eighth century. Hisham Palace contains royal buildings, a mosque, fountains, and spectacular mosaic floors. Tourists enjoy the remarkable presentation to the outdoors with a stroll through lush temples and mosaics. Many of the delicate artifacts are Hisham Palace in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem.Qumran, which is about 20 miles south of Jericho, is the site of the monastery of the Essenes, where more than 2,000 Dead Sea Scrolls were founded by an Arab shepherd in late 1940.Nabi Musa is a beautiful 12th century Mazar (shrine of pilgrimage), on the old road of pilgrims. Believed to be the place where the prophet Moses is buried, is named after him. From Nabi Musa track runs west to the Byzantine Monastery in Wadi Mukelik cave and follows Khan el-Ahmar.Palestinian Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities


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