Khan Yunis, located in the southwest of Palestine, is the second largest city in the Gaza Strip near the town of Gaza. It is 25 kilometers south of Gaza, 20 kilometers north of the Egyptian border and 4 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea.
The name of the city consists of two words, Khan Younis and the sense of shelter, referring to Prince Dawadar Younis in 1387 he built a garrison of soldiers guarding travelers and pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem and Mecca. The square is surrounded by this impressive historic fort that dominates the view.
In the old days, the city serves as a station for trade caravans. He obtained special importance for its strategic location connecting the Nile Valley to the Fertile Crescent, Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula.
Khan Younis is a market town for agricultural products from surrounding villages. Worth a visit on Wednesday and Thursday during the week, Bedouins colorful market, where merchants sell everything from embroidery to fish. There are also several cafes around the city center where you can sit and eat local food or sip Arabic coffee.
Palestinian Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities


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