Fes or Fez (فاس in Arabic) is the third largest city in Morocco after Casablanca and Rabat with a population of 1 008 782 habitants 'is one of the four "imperial cities" (in Marrakech, Meknes and Rabat). The medina (old city), a model example of an eastern city, is under the protection of UNESCO has not changed since the twelfth century. The deep blue of her pottery is one of the characteristic symbols of Fez. Medina has the largest in the world. His last international was one of the capitals of the Arab-Muslim civilization, with Damascus, Baghdad, Cordova, Granada ...

According to legend, the city's name comes from the discovery of a peak (in Arabic: فأس [family], selection) for the location of the first foundations.

Fez is not easy. To access, you must enter through the front door, both visible and veiled of the sacred. Cars Fez is a sanctuary. Thus, in addition, that the Sufis, the "insiders" of Islam, have always called Zaouia. Passengers who came from far away I knew that to reach the gates of the city is its founder and patron saint calls itself hospitality. For him, Fez is the city of Moulay Idriss.

Many of them even know what memory chroniclers relate that the words of the saint in prayer: "Oh God, You know I have not built this city on the vanity, the desire for fame or pride. But I want to be loved, that his book will be read and Ta Act applied whenever the world. Oh God, guide to living there and help them achieve the candle in her eyes the sword of anarchy and dissent ... "

Fez, which was for centuries a political and intellectual capital of Morocco, has become a center for meetings and exchanges. It has been reported that Sylvester II (Gerbert of Aurillac), Pope from 999 to 1003, remained in his youth to study, as a result of which he introduced Arabic numerals into Europe. Maimonides, Jewish physician and philosopher, lived a few years when he taught at the Quaraouiyine. The work of this philosopher is a wonderful example of the symbiosis of Jewish-Islamic culture that prevailed in Andalusia, and found a similar echo in Fez.


The city of Fez is one of the first towns built by the Muslims in Morocco. Before the advent of Islam, the Berber people unaware preference for left or right. People could eat with the left or right without difficulty. Those who embraced Islam not eat with his right hand and right hand only for health. There is luck in everything you do with your right hand. From the city of Fez was built by those applying the rules of Islam, in particular, the preference of the right hand to left hand. The region's population living community of Fez: The right Berber: Fasiyen what I mean right. Ti Fasiyin means that the matador. The inhabitant of this city are always known me Fasiyen. A resident of Fez is the following: A fasiy (right), and a resident of the city: Ta Fasiyt (right).


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