The souks of Marrakech, in particular the famous places in Morocco, where they intersect, intertwine and extend in the medina of Marrakech. The souks of Marrakech include a more than 40 000 Moroccan artisans. Of these companies that once governed the souks, only names, and some artisans and Maalem (teachers) to teach again at the center of the amounts of posts in various colors, trinkets disorderly, where traders all ages to participate bystanders.

Main souks of Marrakech:

Tanners and dyers souks: there are a few workshops where you can discover, multicolored wool, hides out in the sun on the straw near the tanks dyes.

Souks tallendiers: craftsmen working in copper red and yellow with remarkable skill.

Ahiak souk: market of fabrics and garments.

Souk Attatine: brass market.

Souk Sherratin: Saddlers market

Chouari souk: market baskets and wood turner.

DLAL souk: auction market djellaba.

Souk El Kebir: leather market.


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