Erfoud (Arabic: أرفود) is a city in Morocco. It is located in the region of Meknès-Tafilalet. Huge oasis, Erfoud is the capital of Tafilalet, north of Rissani, the birthplace of the Alawite dynasty. Erfoud is a new city founded in 1917 by the French, well-ordered streets, with a few adobe houses. Erfoud in October became the capital of the date. For three days the city Guetna anime. Is the party date to complete the harvest. Folk dances and competitions for the best dates to attract thousands of visitors. Erfoud is one of the last town before the desert.
Around Erfoud:
1-Borj East: exit for the Bab Oeud and 500 meters after crossing the Ziz, turn left along the path up to Borja. The beautiful view over the palm and the surrounding desert.

2-The Palmeraie Erfoud road extending from Er Rachidia Rissani that in Erfoud, first through an area dotted with small sterile eminences of the irrigation system has been abandoned. Today, the park really began after only 10 km Erfoud, we realized something Delouis wells.

After leaving the holder the right of the road between Valley Dr., turn right on a track Tinghir Ksar (19 km) located near some sand dunes where you can discover the splendid Tafolalet distant horizons. This track is sometimes rendered impassable, especially after rain.

A few hundred meters after the bridge over the valley, the road crosses the site of the ancient capital of Sijilmassa Tafilalet once there are only a few remains apparent. Then joined Rissani, Holy City, home of the Alawite dynasty.

3-Merzouga, a number of beautiful golden sand dunes formed in the desert Erg Chebbi. Among the highest in the Merzouga up to 150 meters high and dominates the village of the same name, near the Dayet Srji attracts hundreds of pink flamingos, but dry from June to November on the results of the migration of waders.

Borja Erfoud ke let out on the left, follow the line of telephone poles go in Merzouga.

A 15 Km, black marble quarry registering mollusc fossil footprints. 2 km to stop the asphalt and you can just follow the green and white that marks the way to the hotel Derkaoui Kasba, which is above average. Reached the foot of dunes along the first in the erg of 11 km to the village of Merzouga, which is apartir up the dune, the highest in the erg; reveal Srji Lake (water from November to June only)

It is also possible to follow the same track Tauz up to 24 km from Merzouga, a small Ksar on the left bank of the Ziz, the gateway to the vast Hamda Tafilalet Guir between the Grand Erg Occidental


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