Al - Hodeidah is the Cinderella of the Red Sea and captivating bride. One of the most beautiful cities in Yemen. This is the most diverse and most beautiful among them. His nature exhibits a wonderful green dress and beauty throughout the year.
Her dress is displayed perfumed with the scent of jasmine, Redolence screw pine and the smell of musk. Its climate is affected by all the conditions and take different phenomena along its coastal areas, mountainous and desert area.

Al - Hodeidah Yemen is the fourth city in population and developed as the main port of the Ottomans, when trade declined Mukha coffee and still retains its old Turkish quarter. At night the light of the markets, with men under the sale of fruits hurricane lamps, and early morning fish market is a hive of activity.
Wealthy merchant families built opulent houses in the old area of ​​the Turk - Hodeida.
These buildings have interior plasterwork beautifully carved and richly decorated balconies. Above, stucco walls and decorative niches colored pressed glass and mirrors painted with turkey scintillate designs - a recurring theme throughout the Tihama and the indication of the influences of India seen in the region due to the rolling sea.


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