One of the largest oasis in the south, and privileged access to go to Aqaba, Jordan. The city is divided into three parts: the port, the tourist area to the north, the city Tarabin Bedouin, who hides in his palm the ruins of a fortress mameluca.La city, at first glance, of no interest: what can be enjoyed in the Bedouin village emerged from the sand, with its low houses, deserted streets and gardens starving?

The sea and deserted beaches, of course, a few steps away. And their fish restaurants where you can enjoy outside, and at insignificant cost-lobsters freshly caught ... Not to mention the always fabulous spectacle of the mountains of Saudi Arabia across the Gulf. Siesta under the palm trees, snorkeling around the coral where the fish are fun and some (small) sharks, feast in the village ... Between Nuweiba and Taba stretches a wonderful coastline of coves and long beaches. Sometimes the mountain seems to retreat from the sea. And elsewhere, in search of waves, fusing rock hardness with the softness of the turquoise sea.
Egyptian Tourist Authority


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