Sharm el-Sheikh Bay, Naama Bay and Shark Bay are 6 km away, but the development of the resort is such that soon form one settlement. The long beaches of fine sand attract visitors and due to rapid growth in the small town, more and more tourists enjoy the charms of this place.

If you like brown in the sun, but beware of long exposures (the sun here is terrible!), Swimming in extremely clear waters or rent surfboards ideal for enjoying the breeze omnipresent. Its funds, very near the coast, suggest a giant aquarium where live coral, perfectly indifferent to divers, red grouper blue spots, napoleon fish, parrotfish, butterfly fish always in pairs, angelfish and blue color yellow, lion fish captains and long, elegant fins.

The luxury hotels with swimming pool have surfaced along the coast. They offer all the comforts demanded by international customers, who attends both summer and winter as well as various sports and entertainment. Highly qualified instructors will even offer diving courses for beginners to enthusiasts who wish to change the tube for oxygen bottles. Those who practice this sport can enjoy the magnificent ocean trenches and night diving.

After sunset, visitors can choose between visiting the shops are open until quite late and have a full range of the usual souvenirs, but with less variety and more expensive than the Nile-valley, or go to café terraces that occur along the main street, parallel to the beach. Those who are not exhausted after a day of sun and sea can dance in the many clubs in the hotels.
The deserved success of the seaside resort has led to airlines, and this is a great advantage, not only to organize a daily connection with Cairo, but also charter flights from Europe.
Egyptian Tourist Authority


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