Meeting point between Africa and Asia, the exceptional geographical situation of Taba, at the end of the Gulf of Aqaba, against Saudi Arabia, made it a stop on the caravan route from the fourteenth century. It was the last part of the Sinai back to Egypt by Israel in 1989 and became a frontier post, and today remains the favorite destination for Israelis and tourists from around the world from the start of the international airport, 45 km. of the city.

Taba Heights
19 km. Taba.Estación southern booming resort, is coveted by the big international hotel chains because of its exceptional beaches and coral reefs. Taba Heights is a stunning resort open all year, ideally located in one of the most beautiful places in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

The activities
In addition to traditional activities such as tennis or golf, hotels offer a range of water sports in order to maximize the potential of the Red Sea: windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, sea trips, fishing or kayak at sea. Of course, the wealth of the seabed is indispensable to bring goggles. The shallow depth to which the reefs and the absence of pits allow you to enjoy apnea who buceen the beauty of the corals. The strengths of the region are the variety of animal life or the opportunity to observe endemic species like frogfish, as well as the good state of conservation of arrecifes.Numerosos diving clubs offer courses and daily outings. Instructors take divers to the most suitable, where there is complete safety. The trips last up to an hour and a half, though often much less. The zones are characterized by sandy bottom dotted with "potatoes" of coral, and hide a wide range of aquatic life from seahorses to dolphins. Due to the absence of currents and the nature of the reef, are ideal places for learning, fully satisfying the desires of photographers and divers of all levels. Fjord, with its topography as well, the Aquarium and the variety of species, and Mersa el-Muqabila, where if you're lucky you will stumble into a sea eagle, are among the best known in the area. For those not comfortable in a boat, there are beautiful places, accessible from the shore, abundant marine life: the House Reef, or the Marina Bay, two minutes off road.

The Bedouin

Outside of the resorts of Taba Heights are installed many Bedouin camps. The Sinai desert belongs to this people, perpetuating secular traditions of farming and nomadic trade. Almost 70,000 Bedouins divided into thirty tribes, live in it as they did thousands of years without running water, no electricity, no telephone, no television ... and respecting their elders and their clan leaders, who make important decisions. They are Muslim and speak Arabic, often Hebrew and sometimes English learned one of the tourists. Among the wadis and high plateaus, the Bedouins represent the soul of this desert colors.
Pharaoh's Island (Geziret Faraum)
5 km. southeast of Taba. Access by boat, open daily from 8 to 17 h. Admission charge. At 250 yards from shore floats a small island surrounded by coral granite and crowned by the magnificent fortress of Saladin, built by the Crusaders in the twelfth century and recently restored by the Council of Egyptian Antiquities. This island, called Faraum, was towards the end of the twelfth century a strategic location for the Caliph Saladin, which became the basis for their soldiers. From here, you could control the trade in supplies from Asia and extort money from pilgrims going to Mecca. From the dungeon, the coasts of Arabia, Jordan and Israel eyes offer a panoramic view that short of breath.
The Colored Canyon
70 km. southwest of Taba.Es a magnificent two-hour walk through a maze of sandstone in shades of mauve, yellow, brown or pink to green or blue ... Astonished, roaming the dry river course. The undulating shapes and height of the rocks, which reach 50 meters, force from time to time to make a small scale. Fossils and rock erosion certify the last submarine canyon. Here more than anywhere else, we hear the silence of the stones.
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