Capital of Yemen during one of the most brilliant periods, Taiz today enjoys a position as a major economic center. Taiz is mentioned for the first time in the late 12 century during the reign of the Ayyubids - the forces that had been run by the brother of Saladin Turanshah. At that time, quarterly revenues of the port city of Aden was brought to Taiz.

The following are some tourist attractions in Taiz worth being visited:
The old city of Taiz has two inputs - Bab al-Kabeer (The Great Gate) and Baba Musa (Moses Gate). The wall section of the city contains a beautiful souk which specializes in one type of Taiz delicious cheese, dried fish and silver jewelry.
Castle of Cairo is the great fortification is being renovated using original river stone and construction techniques.
Mosque of Al-Ashrafiyyah is one of the few mosques in Yemen that tourists are allowed to enter. Tourists can walk the grounds and see the tombs of Al-Ashraf, his wife, his father, his sons, and his chief security guard, and take a step in the right mosque to admire the decor.
The tomb marks signify the location of the royal tombs in the room below. There are many reliefs nice inside.
Found a secret door in 2005 leading to the underground room. Supposedly, many local government officials came here when the rumors came out with the hope of discovering great treasures that can be stored. But found no treasures - only the graves.
Al-Mu 'tabiyya Mosque was built by Ashraf, in honor of his wife 23 years after the construction of his mosque. Both mosques were built with similar design, although the al-Mu'tabiyya is full of pictures and inscriptions. No graves. The mosque was reserved for women to pray, but finally decided that the men did not have enough room, and took for themselves.

Abd al-Hadi mosque was built in 1618 in commemoration of a Sufi saint of the same name who had died a hundred years earlier. There is a large monument to the grave al-Hadi in the interior of the structure.
Modhafer Mosque is the oldest mosque in Taiz, and built by the name of the grandfather of al-Ashraf. It has a minaret with two large white domes.
Knowing Jabal peaks over 3 m. .. the villages that dot the mountainside are best known for its women, labor bargainers who use bright Balts who are famous for their beauty.


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