Beit Sahour is located southeast of Bethlehem. It is the scene of the olive groves, known as Shepherd's Field, where the angel announced to the shepherds the birth of Jesus Christ. Two points of interest here: a Franciscan chapel, and a Greek Orthodox church was built over a cave in the fifth century. There are also some exceptionally olive trees in the field. While in town, be sure to ask about the Beit Sahour Municipality FOLKLORE MUSEUM.

A walk of about six miles east of Shepherd Field winding road takes you to the Greek Orthodox monastery of Mar Saba. Built on a cliff, has spectacular views over the gorge of the Kidron Valley and was part of the tour of Palestine during the 19th century. The founder, San Saba, came from Cappadocia in the fifth century. There are legends about San Saba having lived in a cave with a lion for many years. San Saba died at the age of 94, and his skull is still preserved in the church at the monastery. The monastery has 110 rooms, while today there are only a few monks who live there. The monks are friendly and hospitable, but the tradition established long ago prevents the entry of women, which should enjoy the scenery from the outside.

Palestinian Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities


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