A few miles south of Jerusalem is the city of Bethlehem. Christians around the world known as the little town where Jesus was born. Still small, Bethlehem has maintained a friendly and has thousands of tourists and pilgrims every year. Many Christian holy places, churches and monasteries are located in the city. One of the main attractions is the Church of the Nativity in Manger Square, built over the cave where Jesus was born. The adjacent Church of St. Catherine possesses marvelous wood carvings of the Stations of the Cross. A few minutes walk from Manger Square is the Chapel of the Milk Grotto, where the Holy Family took refuge on their way to Egypt, where Mary and baby Jesus feeds.

This is also where the red rock, now darkened by age, became white plaster after a fall in the milk of Mary fell. Milk Grotto is a serene chapel adorned with images of the Virgin and Child. Milk Grotto along the street, you can also find handicraft factories that produce rich luster of pearl and olive wood items.

At the northern entrance of the city is the Tomb of Rachel the Matriarch, wife of Jacob, who died while giving birth in Bethlehem to Benjamin. In the city are remnants of two Aqueducts That Brought water from Solomon's Pools to Jerusalem.

Visit the Museum of Arab women just off Manger Street. This museum is recreated a Diwan (a traditional living room) and displays of clothing, jewelry. old photos and personal items from the era of British rule. A tour of the museum offers an example of elegant refinement Palestinian families enjoyed in the pre-1948.

The Herodion, in the hills south of Bethlehem, one of the many spectacular places worthy of a visitor with a special attention. The view from the top of this strategic fortress built by Herod the Great provides an overview to Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Although he died at Jericho, Herod was buried here.


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