The city of Qalqilya, north-east of the West Bank, has its roots and origins in the Canaanite period. Qalqilya The name dates back to Roman times and medieval European sources, like his contemporaries residents refer to it as "Qalqilya".

Qalqilya has a mild climate, Mediterranean climate: warm and rainy in winter and hot in the summer humidity levels reach 70 percent during the months of July and August. Average annual rainfall is 550 millimeters.

A local council was first established in Qalqilya in 1909 during the last decade of the Ottoman Empire. Its first municipal council was established in 1945.

The city has a great stadium, which hosts national competitions and tournaments. The city also has the only zoo in Palestine that was created in 1986 and comprises 20,000 square meters. The same complex houses an amusement park, including electric cars, trains and other entertainment for children.

During a visit to Qalqilya, enjoy beautiful scenery, food and specialty spend a relaxing day in the country.
Palestinian Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities


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