the ancient city of Rafah is and has been for many years the southern port of Palestine, a port that was the cause of many battles, fought against the invaders of Palestine in the north and south of Egypt.
One of the oldest cities of Palestine, Rafah, formed a natural border between Egypt and the Fertile Crescent. Marble obelisks and columns were erected to mark the border between Palestine and Egypt.
The name of the city, currently home to 130,000 residents, appeared with the name of Gaza in pharaohs' scripts dating from the 16th century BC The city was used as the main point guard Hawras along the coastal road, which was witnessed an increase in activity when the pharaohs came into full power.
Rafah, was known in the Islamic period as a rest stop for traveling traders. Historians in the 11th century described the city as an industrious center, with a market, a mosque, and several hotels and shops. Archaeologists believe that the sands of the western part of Rafah cover ruins belonging to the Roman era.


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