The twin cities of Ramallah and El Bireh is 16 miles north of Jerusalem. Built across several hills about 900 meters above sea level, Ramallah, also known as "The Bride of Palestine". Its pleasant, temperature climate, is a favorite summer resort. and the city hosts the dance and folklore festivals throughout the summer.
Ramallah is very good services for visitors, with comfortable places to stay, some of the best restaurants in Palestine, nightlife, good transportation, other services related to tourism and hospitality, the friendliness of its people.

El Bireh was built by the Canaanites. It is known as a center of learning and their political and cultural activities. Friends of the Boys School was established here in 1886, the Palestinian Legislative Council is in the city.

Joseph and Mary rested here on his return journey from Jerusalem to Nazareth. The cool summer climate, the physical proximity of Jerusalem, and the relatively quiet environment, is an ideal resting place for a night or two.

Palestinian Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities


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