Asilah, Spanish and Portuguese Arzila Arcila is a port in northern Morocco, about 30 000 inhabitants, about forty kilometers from Tangier in the region of Tangier-Tetouan. It is now a seaside resort, frequented by Moroccans and Europeans, who hosts a music festival in August.


Of the modern city, built during the Spanish protectorate - we see a Catholic church built in the style of the Spanish missions in North America was reached by the avenue Hassan II historic Portuguese (XV), drilled three doors

Within the enclosure, we have a maze of alleyways that run between the houses whose brightness is enhanced by green and blue shutters and doors.

It is through the door of the kasbahs in the eastern part of the wall, we will win easily place Ibn Khaldun. The latter is dominated by a square tower, called El Hamra. Right next to the tower, overlooking a wide beach where shipwrecks are sinners.

Continuing with the fons of place along the streets leading to the walls, along the ocean, arriving at a small square where stands the palace Raissouno. This house, built early this century, it houses a cultural center, but is not as interesting as the history of its manufacturer.

Both floors of the palace rooms are around a courtyard. L "package is decorated with tiles, plasterboard stalactites painted wood carvings, etc.

For the street that extends beyond the palace - the note from wrought-iron balconies is a small bastion or people come to see her Sunday Asilah admiring the sunset view over the medina and the sea. Then a small cemetery is home to a score of graves covered with glazed ceramics.

The same maze of alleys Saving Bab Homar, crowned arms hard to read Portuguese and Spanish for the "Puerta de Tierra.


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