Tangier (Arabic طنجة, Tanja, in Greco-Roman Tinjis ") is a city on the western edge of the Rif in northern Morocco in the region of Tangier-Tetouan. Chief town Wilaya population of over 700,000 inhabitants, is the 5th city of the kingdom, and its main focus in Europe. The 14 km of the Strait of Gibraltar that separates the two continents by Hercules, in mythology, separated from each other.

Tangier is located on the bay of the same name, opened at the western end of the Strait of Gibraltar, about 15 km from the Spanish coast. First established on the hill of the Kasbah, the city has gradually expanded to the bordering mountains to the west towards Cape Spartel (Marsha Plateau, Old Mountain) and then along the beach in Cape Malabata address. Despite these reliefs, the site presents no significant drainage network.


The climate is temperate Mediterranean Tangier by the oceanic influence and encouragement of Chergui, the four well-marked seasons: wet and mild winter, warm and moderately dry between rainy summer.


Tangier has long served as unofficial cultural capital of a number of writers and artists from around the world, initially attracted by its climate, its picturesque landscape and colorful Jewish community, and then more recently, by the facilities offered by this fascinating city, in terms of convenience and cost of living. Attracts developers across Europe. There are Spanish, English, German, little French, and even some Americans who work in them.
Tanjah or Tangier is a small corner of paradise. However, the American writer Paul Bowles was named "Dream City", this city has always been a city of artists (painters, musicians and writers and photographers) of all nations: European, American, Arab and d 'Latin America . A place for the five corners of the world.


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