Fez is located near the Middle Atlas, the interior has a Mediterranean climate, but firmly matinee continentality of suffering and the effect on the side of the mountain (more of precipitation, wind). Remember the cold winter snow very often in the Middle Atlas, 60 km south of the city. This translates into a high thermal amplitude. Winter, depending on altitude, be very rigorous. They say that the snow in a year in Fez two or three a year.

The trip is possible all year round, but spring (April and May) and autumn (mid September to late October) are the two most pleasant, as for the whole country for that matter. In April the average maximum temperatures of 18 ° C and minimum 8 ° C. In September, the minimum number of about 15 ° C, while slightly higher than the maximum of 27 ° C.
In summer, the increase in maximum temperatures of 35 ° C. Best left in the morning and evening to enjoy the diverse landscapes of the region.
Finally, it is winter in comparison with the coastal and southern regions, the cold. However, it seems much smoother than that of the Eastern Rif and Atlas.


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