Ouarzazate of Amazigh in war-Zazat "quietly" in Arabic ورزازات is a city in southern Morocco is known as the gateway to the desert, and the principal city of the province of the same name. Situated at the meeting of the valleys of the wadi and Ouarzazate Oued Dades (from the High Atlas) that make up the Wadi Draâ and below its confluence, is the hub of a vast region of southern Morocco. Ouarzazate evokes both the southern foothills of the High Atlas and the nearby desert.

His countless kasbahs (hereafter against the casbah Taourirt) in mud, mountains and arid plains, valleys and lush oasis of palms and the peoples of the earth or of red ocher are the charms of this region and give its application appeal.

The symbol of the city is the kasbah Taourirt Glaoui that belonged to the Pasha, was built in the mid-eighteenth century. He is represented in the new notes of 50 dirhams.

Founded in 1928 by French colonial power, which has long been a garrison town. On the military was the basis of aviation against the famous tribe of Ait Attas who fought fiercely against the troops of Henry Bournazel, (the man in red jacket, died in Morocco in 1933) until 1934 where the rebel leader Assou Oubasslam went to the French to prevent the slaughter of evacuees in the mountains.

Today the town of Ouarzazate is booming in tourism and film. Morocco is also one of the most popular film. And they have skyrocketed in part or in whole: One hundred thousand dollars in the sun, Lawrence of Arabia, Kundun, Gladiator, Alexander, Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, The Mummy, The Kingdom of Heaven, Babel, Banzai, Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time, etc..

Ouarzazate has an international airport and is accessible by road from Marrakech (4 hours by bus, taxi 3h30)

Duvernet family originally from Arles (France), was behind the creation of a cooperative IDIREX-wine vineyard. The vineyards have always marked the denomination of origin wines from Morocco. "


Ouarzazate has an arid climate with annual rainfall of only 112 mm. Rainfall is erratic and low or zero in the summer. In winter temperatures are cold at night and in summer the heat is hot in the day. The vegetation is very scarce and agriculture is only possible through the use of the valley Draâ water to irrigate farmland.


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