Casablanca (الدار البيضاء ad-dar al-Baida, in classical Arabic - al-dar-el-Beida, in the Moroccan Arabic dialect - literally "white house", but commonly called Casa كازا pronounced [Kazaa]) by Casablancas is the largest city of Morocco. Economic capital, is located on the Atlantic coast some 80 km south of the country's administrative capital, Rabat. This is the first town and city in the country. Bidaoui Its inhabitants are called in Arabic, the Arabic dialect Casaouis Morocco and Casablanca, in French.

With over five million inhabitants, of which only less than 190,000 rural residents, the Greater Casablanca is a center for excellence, which includes 2 large cities: Casablanca and Mohammedia, two provinces and several small towns: Nouacer (or Nouasseur) and Mediouna.

Economic activity in the region is dominated by the tertiary sector (49.6% of jobs), followed by secondary (40.5%). Almost one third of the population of this region (58%) are younger than 18 years. For the age group 15-59 years, 76.5% are of working age, while the 3rd age (60 years) represent 16.5% of the population.

The city of Casablanca is one of the two prefectures of the Great Casablanca eight prefectures and district:

Aïn Chock عين الشق.

Ayn-Hay Mohammadi Sebaâ عين السبع - الحي المحمدي.

Anfa أنفا,

Ben M'sick بن مسيك.

Sidi) Bernoussi (سيدي) برنوصي.

Al-Fida Mers Sultan الفداء - مرس السلطان.

There الحي الحسني

Hassani. Moulay Rachid مولاي رشيد.

These eight prefectures are divided into sixteen districts and one township:

Aïn Chock عين الشق

Ayn Sebaâ عين السبع

Al Fida الفداء Anfa أنفا

Ben M'sick بن مسيك (Sidi) Bernoussi (سيدي) برنوصي

There Hassani الحي الحسني

There Mohammadi الحي المحمدي

Maarif المعاريف

Méchouar المشور

Mers Sultan مرس السلطان

Moulay Rachid مولاي رشيد

Roches Noires (or Assoukhour Assawda) الصخور السوداء / روش نوار

SBAT سباته

Sidi Belyout سيدي بليوط

Sidi Moumen سيدي مومن

Sidi Othman سيدي عثمان.


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