Park of the Arab League and the park Yasmina;
Museo de la Villa des Arts;
The district Habbous (حباس) or Medina and its new stores;
Place Mohammed V: around this square is the Wilaya of Casablanca inspired Tuscan bell striking, and the Palace of Justice to the Arabic-Andalusian inspiration and a great source;
The great mosque of Hassan II, built between 1986 and 1993. The minaret is larger (200 m), and - after those in Mecca and Medina - the third largest mosque in the world. The old medina (Bab Marrakech);
The many facades "Art Deco", especially along Avenue Mohammed V Boulevard January 11, etc. ;
The Central Market;
The crest and its beaches (Ain Diab);
The marabout Sidi Abderrahman;
Derb Ghallef a big flea market, a sort of cave of Ali Baba to open; Casablanca Twin Center: the twin towers of 28 floors and 115 meters high, including a shopping mall (the largest in Morocco and North Africa) from 130 shops on 3 levels in the heart of Maarif, shopping in Casablanca;
Megarama the best cinema complex in Morocco Boulevard of Young Musicians Festival's annual Festival of Music concert in Casablanca; Casablanca Festival, the annual festival organized by the municipality.


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