In the beautiful hills that surround the plateau Azilal, Wadi Quzoud casts its impetuous waters at the bottom of a deep hole. Despite the number of visitors, these impressive falls remain one of the most beautiful places in the region.

- Starting from Beni Mellal, 124 kilometers of roads pure P24, S508 and 1811. Take Q24 to Marrakech 19 km, then left the S508, at 89 Km, take the right in 1811 at 16 km.

- From Marrakech, 159 km on the road P24, S508 and 1811. Borrow read P24; Tamelelt after 4 km, follow direction Azilal S508, 22 km after Tanannt take 1811.

- At the start of the P24 that connects Beni Mellal Marrakech, we can win the waterfalls along the 46 kilometers of roads in 1811, is fast on the track, and then to discover the deep and wild gorges of the Wadi el Abid . - Leaving the S508, borrowed from 16 km in 1811, following a valley dominated by charming villages and tighremt. Later, after a deep wooded ravine, the road runs alongside the mountain offers a succession of beautiful views.

- The road leads to a wide esplanade used as parking. From there, follow the road to the left of the famous waterfalls Ouzoud (111 minutes by foot). Does the convergence of several streams, Ouzoud rushes. over 100 meters at the bottom of a ravine lined with green vineyards and calcareous concretions. Escape from the fog of the projection of water in the rocks creates a rainbow filled. The roar of the waterfalls, bubbling water at the bottom of the "pots giant hole by erosion, the exuberance of vegetation, all combine to make a romantic and fascinating spectacle.

- A trail of earth in places notch steps down stops along the waterfall, along the last: the pot in which the flow of currents. Going up the river, flour mills were built in small rectangular houses land. Crushing stone operated by water power to grind grain. In the shade trees to enjoy this site in macaque monkeys beige hair and eyes outlined in black.

- Follow the track to the road in 1811, it soon runs along the gorge of the Wadi el Abid, at the bottom of 400 to 600 meters and one can only see the bottom. Then the trail descends to yaw result gorges, through the valley and continues through a rustic landscape before returning to the roadside Moulay Aissa Bendriss. Demnate characteristics of the region (66 km south-west), Beni Mellal (124 km north-east), the valley of Ait Bougma.


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