Tafraout is a small Berber village in the Anti-Atlas of Morocco, located 180 km south of Agadir, in the heart of the Valley Ammeln, surrounded by a circle of pink granite rocks, famous for its colors.

Tafraout is surrounded by a multitude of rocks of different shapes, passing over a palm tree that houses and argan almond and olive plantations. In spring, the valley Tafraout offers a magnificent spectacle, when the almond trees are in bloom. The tribe living Ammeln chleuh Tafraout valley, growing cereals and many fruit trees including almonds. Over the years a large part of its expatriate population in the city and its region and takes a little everywhere, in Morocco and elsewhere, companies or other financial or commercial activities. Tafraout is the birthplace of the great Moroccan writer Mohammed Khair-Eddine Tribes Tafraout be closer to Ammeln, Tahal, Ida Osemlal, Ait wafka, Amanouz, Tasrirt.


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