Larache (Arabic: العرائش) is a small city (107,371 pop.) Morocco, Tanger-Tetouan region, known as the former Lixus. Larache modernizes a rapid pace. Located in northern Morocco at about 86 km from Tangier. Is Spanish from 1610 to 1686 and during the protectorate from 1911 to 1956.


Larache province was established on October 14, 1985, is part of the Wilaya of Tetouan, which belongs to the region of Tangier-Tetouan Larache province is bounded on the north by the province of Tetuan and Tangier Province seekers, the South by the province of Kenitra, in the eastern province of Chefchaouen and west by the Atlantic Ocean. From a relief point of view, is in the province of Larache, a mountainous area is the western extension of the Rif chain, and Tangier-Tetouan, located mainly in rural areas of Beni-Arous, Zaarour, Tazrout and Beni Gorfet. marly hills surrounding a low, marshy plain. along the coast, a line of dunes is set R'mel trays.


Larache province enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterized by the alternation of wet and cool season from October to April and a hot dry season from May to September. The annual rainfall varies between 700 and 800 mm and is concentrated almost entirely between October and April. As temperatures vary between 6 ° C during the cold and 32 ° C in the warm period. The hydrographic network includes Loukkos Oued Province and its tributaries, water R'mel, the Makhazine El Oued Dam, the dam Loukkos custody, three ponds and numerous water sources


Larache province covers an area of ​​approximately 2 783 km ². Its population is about 431 476 inhabitants. (Census 1994), including 201 485 inhabitants. in municipalities and urban centers and 229 991 hab. in rural towns. Therefore, the urbanization rate is 46.7%. As the average density is 155 inhabitants / km ². Today, many neighborhoods have appeared on the outskirts of the city. The largest being built today, is probably the district of "Almaghrib Aljadid" (in French The new Morocco). It offers real prospects for the future of the city, as the surface is large.

Places to visit:

The hottest place is around the central plaza or the location of the release of Arab-Andalusian style, surrounded by numerous terraces of cafes. Here, the district of Bab El Khemis outlines one of the entries in the old Medina.

Within the old Medina:

* Souk Esseghir (Petit Souk)

* The vegetable market permanently installed

* The maze of narrow streets leading to the port, travel, homes with colored doors ...

Tourism City Lixus

* The former military hospital in the center, Andalusian architecture is often present, and in this style can be seen in July 2002, the market hall which is under renovation (200 m from the central square).

* A pine forest is 500 meters from the central plaza and extends for miles along the ocean

Other forests of pine, eucalyptus and cork near Larache.


The beach, located on the opposite bank of the river can be accessed either on foot (300 meters from the main square) with the crossing by boat or by car or bus, without going through the river (10 km). There are two beaches bounded by a spring, one with the waves (for bodyboarders!) What goes far and the other closer to the inlet, more quiet, perfect for swimming.


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